Alongside the main talks there are two seminar slots during the day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Below are the options available this year – all are single standalone sessions. You will need to select your top 4 choices of seminar (or afternoon Time Out) at the time of booking. We try to allocate your top 2 choices while spaces are available.

1) Sparking Real Joy

The world promises happiness from our career, our relationships and even ‘our tidying adventures’. But happiness is temporary because it is based on changeable sources. However, God promises real joy found in intimate relationship with the unchangeable God.

2) What’s the point of prayer?

What difference does prayer make? Does it change me? Does it ever change God’s mind? Neither? Or both? Or what?

3) Single and Satisfied?

God says that Singleness is a gift, but instinctively our hearts tell us he is wrong. How can we truly know the satisfaction we all long for, whatever our circumstances in life?

4) Living in a Restless World

Is it legitimate to crave “me time”? How can we ever rest when there are always more good works to do? What does the Bible say about leisure, pleasure and the God of rest?

5) Growing Christians One by One

Whilst discipleship programmes have immense value, there is no substitute for investing in personal relationships as the basis of growing mature Christians. This session will seek to offer practical help and give you confidence to read the Bible with people one to one in an informal setting.

6) The State of the Church

God’s visible church has always been under attack, from without and within; today is no different.  Come and think through what Revelation has to teach us in our differing contexts.

7) Giving a reason

Do you long to share your faith but are unsure how to do this when an opportunity comes up? Come along to an extremely practical seminar where we will consider how and why we can feel more confident in communicating our stories within our everyday settings.

8) Bombshell or Botox?

We live in a visual and virtual culture that embraces beauty as an ethical ideal. We fear that beauty comes with an expiry date. Is body positivity the answer? Come and explore with us the Gospel’s inside-out alternative.

9) Apocalyptic Literature for Kids?

Is the book of Revelation too weird and radical for the youth of today? Are children too young to be exposed to the concept of suffering, death and the end of the world? Should we teach Revelation in Sunday School, and if so, where would we even begin?! Come and find out where to start and discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls along the way.

10) Joy in the Midst of Despair

Conflict. Poverty. Persecution. Words often associated with the Middle East. But despair is only part of the story. Another story is being told. Through powerful, faith-filled television programmes, SAT-7 brings life-changing joy to millions across the Middle East.

11) Fostering & Adoption - being welcomed into the family of believers

Come and hear about the challenges and the joys of fostering and adoption from women who have lived that experience. An opportunity to listen and to ask questions for those thinking of fostering or adopting and those who want to know how the church can support them.

12) Time Out (afternoon)

Spend some time in quiet reflection/prayer outside or indoors in the cafe area, or browsing the bookstall.