1) Beautiful Bride or Broken Body?

We can talk a lot about ‘church family’, maybe even spend lots of time with people from church, but how do we go about becoming the sort of family God intends in the messiness of real life? What’s more, how can being a healthy church family transform our experience of singleness, loneliness, childlessness and bereavement and stop us facing the challenges of modern life alone?

2) How People Change

Do you have areas of your life you long to change but feel trapped and stuck? Using a biblical model, these seminars will show you how to work with God towards lasting change. It is based on teaching from CCEF (Christian Counselling & Education Foundation) which God can use to transform your heart and your relationship with Him.

Standalone Seminars – Either Morning or Afternoon

3) Praying God’s Promises

‘The word of our God stands forever’ – discover a deeper walk with God and a joy in His word as we consider how to pray God’s promises for ourselves and for others.

4) Dealing with Doubt

We all doubt. We doubt ourselves. And we doubt God. But what should we do with our doubts? How do our doubts affect our walk with the Lord?

5) Salty Speech

A guilt-free seminar, full of lots of practical advice and ideas, to help us chat more easily about Christ with our friends, colleagues and families.

6) The Cry of the Middle East

Many of us are concerned about the Middle East yet we’re not sure what to do. This seminar, led by Christian broadcaster SAT-7, will explore some of the challenges facing the region and its people, and also how God is at work there and how this informs our actions and prayers.

7) Popping the Christian Bubble

Are nearly all your friends Christians? Is most of your time spent serving in the church? If you want to break out of the bubble but don’t know where to begin, this is the seminar for you!

8) Raising Children in a Hostile World

Parenting in the modern world can be a terrifying prospect. Secular values conflict with our faith, our ‘me-first’ culture screams loudly and the truth is under threat. Explore how Biblical principles can equip us as we live ‘as aliens and strangers in the world’. (For anyone involved in raising children from 0-11)

9) Digging Deeper into Daniel

Take a closer look at the book of Daniel and see what the Most High God had to say to His people in exile and how this applies to the church in our troubled times.

10) Then Sings My Soul – Morning

Why do we sing in Church and how should it be done? What kind of music does God like? Come and piece together a Biblical understanding of how, why and what our singing should look like when we gather.

11) Then Sings My Soul – Workshop (pm)

A relaxed opportunity to learn some new songs in a music workshop and sing some old favourites.

12) Gold Digging

This seminar will introduce you to simple ways to get to the heart of any Bible passage and understand its true meaning and application for today.

13) Question Master

This seminar will show you how to prepare good Bible study questions that will help others mine the treasure of the Bible. Suitable for anyone teaching the Bible in any setting.

15) Time Out – (pm)

Spend the afternoon seminar session in the café, browsing the bookstall or taking time out to reflect / pray.