Alongside the main talks there are two seminar slots during the day — one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Below are the options available this year – all are single standalone sessions. You will need to select your top 4 choices of seminar (or afternoon Time Out) at the time of booking. We try to allocate your top 2 choices while spaces are available.

1. Encouraging Women

Life in this broken world is tough. Our sisters in Christ need help to persevere. Come and discover how to be women who build each other up and spur each other on.

2. Is It Supposed To Be This Hard?

Church, family, friendships, work, ministry – lots of duty, not much success? What is God’s agenda for our lives and ministry in difficult circumstances? This seminar will be an honest look at finding hope and encouragement, and just keeping on going…

3. Raising Teens

The teenage years are made up of 2557 days, but will they bring delight or dread?! In this seminar we’ll consider the changes and challenges of these years for teenagers and those close to them, and how the gospel of grace might transform our expectations and experiences.

4. Are We All Omnigender Now?

The pace of change brought on by the gender debate can be bewildering. Are we free to choose our own ‘gender’? What about children who say they are ‘in the wrong body’? Come and think through a Christian response to transgender issues.

5. The Heart of Forgiveness

A chance to explore how a growing understanding of God’s forgiveness can enable us to be sacrificial, generous forgivers, even if it seems impossible.

6. God’s Care in Dementia

An opportunity to think through how to care for people with dementia. We will explore biblical perspectives, how dementia could be embraced in church life and how to keep loving relationships going.

7. Bible Tools for Digging Deeper: Context

Come and explore how getting the situation and context of a New Testament letter transforms how we can understand and apply this part of God’s Word.

8. Retirement: A Biblical Perspective on the Third Age

Whether you are looking ahead to retirement, or have already embarked on this new phase of life, do come and share your experiences and discover how the Bible can equip and encourage us to face whatever may lie ahead.

9. Are the Gospel Accounts in Conflict?

Have you ever read accounts from different Gospels and been confused how they seem to contradict each other? This seminar will look at our attitude to God’s Word when we come up against difficult passages, and how God can use them to strengthen our trust in Him.

10. Standing Firm

Do you ever feel wearied by your battles with sin? Overwhelmed by the suffering you face? Do you desire to be faithful in the midst of pain? This seminar explores how to stand firm when life is hard.

11. Spicing Up Your Spiritual Life

Rediscover the joy of spending more time with your Father: hearing what he has to say to you; the delight of prayer; the brilliance of praise. An interactive workshop exploring ways to be more adventurous, creative and bold.

12. Time Out / Bookstall

Spend the afternoon seminar session in the café, browsing the bookstall or taking time out to reflect / pray.