Alongside the main talks there are two seminar slots during the day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Below are the options available this year – all are single standalone sessions. You will need to select your top 4 choices of seminar (or afternoon Time Out) at the time of booking. We try to allocate your top 2 choices while spaces are available. This year we are introducing a dance and movement taster workshop too. If you select this choice, do check the relevant link for more details.

The Identity Eclipse

‘Who do you think you are?’ is a simple, yet profound question cutting to the core of what it means to be human.We increasingly live out a constructed-identity which can leave us emotionally vulnerable to anger, anxiety and depression. Find out more from the Bible about our created-identity and what it means to ‘be human’ in this fallen world.


Should Christians be ambitious? Discover what the Bible has to say to us about ambition – at home, at work, at church.

Daring to be Real

Sharing practical and biblical ideas about how to speak honestly and persuasively about Jesus, wherever He has placed you – in your workplace, neighbourhood, with your friends and your family – and see lives transformed by the Gospel!

Is social media our enemy?

Come and discuss what we put in to and get out of social media and how we can use it to glorify God.

Understanding Addiction

I’m not an addict…or am I? We can all so easily become ensnared by anything from food to people to perfectionism, but God speaks powerfully to those who struggle. We can apply biblical wisdom to help those we love who are addicts, as well as to our own hearts, bringing hope for freedom and transformation.

Yoga & Mindfulness: A Christian Perspective

Exercise, relaxation, enlightenment – yoga offers our world, children and adults, an apparent ‘cure-all’. As Christians however we are called to be discerning. This will be an opportunity to ask questions and to explore yoga (and mindfulness) from a Christian perspective.

Understanding OT Narrative

The accounts of Joseph, Ruth, Elijah and Esther are some of the best known but least understood parts of the Bible. How do these narratives fit into God’s overall plan of salvation and what tools do we need to unpack them and then apply them today?

Parenting Grown-up Children

Now that our children are adults, how can we deal with the changing relationship and what does wise parenting look like?

‘Unbroken’ (dance & movement workshop)

A dance and movement taster workshop based on Genesis 1-3. A journey of honour, brokenness, hope and restoration, we explore what it means to bear the image of God through Bible study, discussion, taught movement and guided improvisation. No previous dance experience required. For more about this workshop see

Time Out (afternoon)

Spend the afternoon seminar session in the café area, browsing the bookstall or taking time out to reflect / pray.